About Us

FHL (Fastrack High Learning) International Review Center and Consultancy Inc. is the current dynamic evolution of Fastrack Agency Services Ltd which operated as a nursing recruitment agency based in UK since 2008. FHL is now one of the leading providers of various review programs and consultancy services for not just nurses and other health professionals but also to any other individual needing support towards revision for a needed exam. With consistent excellent results, FHL International is the number one choice for nursing graduates who wish to take the Philippine Nurse Licensure Examination. While the center strives for developing its services, it offers new programs for international exams including NCLEX-RN, Prometric Exam, HA-AD RN Exam, CBT, and IELTS in 2016 which also showed high passing rates.

FHL International employs the most effective teaching methodologies adaptive to students’ various learning needs. It also has a collection of the most up to date review resources and test frameworks for all its courses delivered by its top-caliber instructors and consultants. Moreover, it offers the flexibility in its revision programs using the most innovative and dynamic review format for working students which allows them to attend classes at their convenience. Importantly, its courses can be availed for reasonable fees with a supportive payment scheme. It also offers discounts for group registration, early bird registration, and scholarships.

Furthermore, FHL as a proud affiliate of Fastrack Agency Services Ltd, a UK based recruitment agency that is instrumental in bringing and helping people to go abroad especially the United Kingdom (UK) for employment reason, FHL can also help you find light in pursuit of your UK dream.

Through this bond, FHL can also help open doors to most applicants when needed. In this manner, revising through FHL is considerably a once step wiser decision for those who are thinking of going overseas.